Wonders will never cease. It seems that the only people who weren’t up in arms about Seth Macfarlane’s controversial Oscars hosting stint were the organisers of the awards themselves. Despite all of the post-event criticism that was levelled at Seth, the Oscars crew have asked him to return in 2014 to take on the job once again, JustJared.com reports.

We guess they must have ignored all of the subjective criticisms and accusations of sexism that Seth received and looked instead at the cold hard facts of the viewer figures. 40.3 million viewers reportedly tuned in to watch the ceremony this year; the figures were a significant increase on the previous years. It’s already been confirmed that the producers of this year’s show, Neil Meron and Craig Zadan will be returning so it seems obvious that they would ask Seth back too; after all, the producers stood by his performance, even when the media were all snapping at his heels and slamming the content of his hosting speeches. “After defending his performance, the producers reached out to Seth and invited him back to host the show again. He’s not sure if he’s going to do it, but he has to decide within the next couple of weeks.”

Macfarlane’s previously said that he wouldn’t accept the gig if he was offered again, but that was in the midst of all the furore over his puerile “we saw your boobs” song. Perhaps with the perspective of hindsight (and now the cheque’s cleared), he might feel differently about it. 

Seth Macfarlane
Who's laughing now? Seth Macfarlane could be hosting the oscars again