It looks like Seth Meyers is going for the “start slow and build up from there” approach with his move to Late Night – that’s if his first show is any indication, at least. Taking over from Fallon, who started his Tonight Show run with a rooftop performance by U2 and more celebrity cameos than we could count last week, Meyers struck a completely different note. His hosting style seems to be much more about sharp one liners and crisp delivery, than anything else, really. He did mimic Fallon in one respect though – Meyers used the long-running Late Night segment “Thank You Notes” to send his predecessor a message of gratitude. Seated at his desk, Meyers wrote a letter to Jimmy Fallon, promising to treat Late Night "with respect and dignity and to only use it to do completely original comedy pieces … starting now.” Ha.

Seth Meyers
Meyers' first Late Night set a completely different tone.

His guests for the night were carefully chosen, obviously to pay homage to Meyers’ SNL roots. For his first guest, Meyers welcomed "Parks and Recreation" star Amy Poehler. Friends since they both joined the cast of "SNL" in 2001, the two shared an easy rapport. Poehler had nothing but encouragement for her former colleague. Mostly.

"You are going to do such a wonderful job," Poehler said of Meyers' new talk-show gig. "I have watched you for 13 years pretend to listen to people."

And as for his second guest, Meyers had invited none other than vice president Joe Biden. Not quite as impressive as when Fallon Slow Jam-med The News with Barack Obama, but it did offer Meyers a great opportunity to talk politics, which we already know are his strength – Meyers has been writing political sketches on SNL since Sarah Palin’s 2008 run for Vice President.

On Late Night, it’s still early days for him and things might not be off to a running start. One thing is clear though – Fallon is gone. This is now Meyers’ Late Night, through and through.