Lauren Miller, the wife of film funny man Seth Rogen, was reportedly reduced to tears by the message from Ari Graynor, accepting a role in her movie. Miller co-wrote the upcoming film, 'For A Good Time, Call.', and decided to send out personal notes in order to ask stars to appear in cameos. Amongst these stars were director Kevin Smith and comedian Ken Marino. Yet the acceptance note she received from Graynor reportedly brought tears to her eyes. 

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Miller, who married Rogan in 2011, spoke to 'New York Magazine' to discuss the notes, saying: "I tried to be funny in those letters, but the letter I sent to Ari was more emotional, about how I've admired her work for years, and she has this incredible ability to be over-the-top funny yet retain this vulnerability and sexiness, even if she's pulling gum out of a toilet."

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She went on to discuss the reply she received, saying:She sent me a letter back that made me cry. I couldn't even sit down while reading it, because I was bawling all over the place: 'Oh my god, someone believes in me.'" The film about two girls starting a phone sex line also contains Miller's husband, Rogen, who plays an airline pilot.