Her might not be the most prominent Oscar contender, but it is still one helluva movie

First off we were treated to a Phillip Seymour Hoffman-featuring parody of the new Spike Jonze movie Her, one that used cut-up snippets of the Oscar-winner's film repertoire in place of Scarlett Johansson's soothing utterances. Last night (25 Jan.) we saw Jonah Hill lampoon the film on Saturday Night Live, but earlier this week we're sure the best parody of them all was uploaded on to YouTube.

'Him' doesn't actually star any big names, but it does feature one heck of a good impression of the loveable Canadian comic Seth Rogen. The YouTube channel Paul Gale Comedy created and uploaded the parody, which pokes fun at the Oscar contender as well as gently ribbing Rogen, mocking his penchant for da 'erb and also mirroring his distinctive laugh spot on. It's probably the best portrayal of Seth Rogen since Seth Rogen played Seth Rogen in This Is The End.

The parody follows the same kind of story as the Joaquin Phoenix starring Her, only this time it is a woman, called Alison, who falls in love with a male operating system, called Seth. Alison (played by Alison Vingiano) downloads a new operating system, Seth (voiced by Frank Garcia Hejl), who is so funny and easy to talk to that Alison soon falls in love with the OS. Their union is far from perfect however and soon Seth outgrows his human lover, so he can hang out and get stoned with his fellow OS friend Randy (voiced by Gale).

Her is among the contenders for this year's Oscar awards and is up for 5 awards in total, including Best Picture and Best Writing, Original Screenplay for Jonze, but faces tough competition in each category. Still, that doesn't mean that there might not be an upset of some kind.

Seth Rogen
It must be great having such an awesome laugh