The Interview, the now very, very controversial new comedy from Seth Rogen and James Franco has had it glitzy New York premiere cancelled after another threat was made by the group thought to be behind the recent Sony hack.

the interviewSeth Rogen and James Franco have caused contraversy with The Interview

The film, which centres on an attempted assassination of North Korean president Kim Jong Un, was supposed to have its big premiere at Manhattan's Sunshine Cinema on Thursday evening (December 18th). However the Los Angeles Times now reports that Landmark Theatres, which owns the venue has said that Sony had cancelled the premiere.

An email sent to press outlets including the Times advised people to stay away from theatres showing The Interview and made reference to the 9/11 attacks. "Remember the 11th of September 2001," the message said. "We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time.”

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The film’s stars James Franco and Seth Rogen have also cancelled a number of promotional appearances due to the controversy.

As it stands the film is still scheduled to open on December 25th, however its unclear how many theatres will chose to carry it as TIME reports that a number have already decided against showing it.

Carmike Cinemas, a chain with 238 theatres across 41 states are said to have decided against carrying it, while Deadline reports California’s ArcLight Cinemas, which runs five theatres across the state, also won’t show the film.

Sources close to Sony told NBC News earlier in the week that the company won’t punish theatres which decide not to carry The Interview.

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Meanwhile The Department of Homeland Security, has said there is no “credible intelligence” regarding an attack on U.S. movie theatres. However the latest threat does come soon after the devastating Sony hack which saw the release of employees’ emails and confidential data online.

The fall out of the Sony hack shows no signs of ending anytime soon with the latest release of data coming yesterday (December 16th). In emails which leaked online, actor George Clooney was revealed to have lost sleep over negative reviews of film, The Monuments Men while another saw UK Sony Pictures executive Peter Taylor describe The Interview as  as a "misfire" and "unfunny and repetitive".