Funnyman Seth Rogen has taken aim at his KNOCKED UP co-star Katherine Heigl over her suggestions the pregnancy comedy was a little sexist.
Rogen and Knocked Up director Judd Apatow have never commented about Heigl's Vanity Fair comments in 2007 - until now, and it seems clear neither will work with the Grey's Anatomy star again.
Appearing on Howard Stern's radio show on Thursday (30Jul09), the two pals, who have reteamed for Funny People, ganged up on Heigl, who told Vanity Fair she found it hard to "love the movie" which helped launch her movie career because the comedy "paints the women as shrews," while the men look "lovable".
Apatow suggested Heigl was "probably was doing six hours of interviews and kissing everyone's a**, and then just got tired and slipped a little bit," when she made her remarks, but added he was upset she didn't call him to explain her comments and apologise.
And Rogen went even further, telling the radio host, "I gotta say it's not like we're the only people she said some bats**t crazy things about. That's kind of her bag now."