So. Saturday Night Live. Yes, they talked about Eric Garner. Yes, Kenan Thompson did Al Sharpton. For some reason though (you know the reason), the headlines today are mostly focused on James Franco and Seth Rogen’s opening monologue about the Sony Pictures leak and some of the personal pics the actors would like to keep under wraps.

James Franco
James Franco can do everything, including host SNL, apparently.

Rogen warned Franco that the photos they had taken on their phones would be leaked, like one of Franco helping Rogen try on control-top pantyhose. "I was just trying to look slimmer," Rogen explained. They were also worried about the photo of themselves reenacting a certain image of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. 

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What followed were several sketches where Franco and Rogen's roles could have been filled by anyone on the SNL cast - but these days, nobody really expects much from SNL. 

Of course, they had to spoof the recently released Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. And since none of the franchise’s original characters made it into the actual trailer, guess who got their own SNL clip. In the reimagining of Star Wars: The GoldenYears, Leia was frantically trying to figure out how to program R2, while Han Solo thought he was at a diner. Ok, they only had a couple days to come up with this stuff.