Seth Rogen’s been making the press rounds recently to promote his new film, ‘The Interview’, but most people weren’t interested in the funny man’s latest project, with most people keen to hear about his constant Kanye West parodies. 

Seth RoganSeth Rogen likes a cheeky parody

Now, Rogen is searching for someone to play the baby in a new Kim/Kanye/North parody. "Michael Cera would be good," joked Rogen. "Get Annie Leibovitz to take the pictures," he said. 

But overall, he's "a huge fan of Kanye West,” and that forms the base of his now-famous mimicry of the rapper and his high profile relationship with reality star Kim Kardashian. 

"I'm like just really into his music, and when we made the original (spoof of West's "Bound 2" music video featuring Kardashian), we were filming 'The Interview' in Vancouver and we kept trying to go to Kanye West shows that kept getting canceled or the dates kept changing and it happened like two or three times,” he explained. 

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“We were just talking about him all the time and then the video came out so we were just like, 'Let's just try to do that,'" he added. 

“The Interview” sees James Franco and Rogen combine once again. It centres on Dave Skylark (James Franco), a host of a talk show, and producer, Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen). When the pair get an interview with dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, the CIA tasks them with killing him. 

The pair, dangerously under qualified to do their own jobs, let alone assassinate one of the modern world’s most controversial and powerful figures, set about doing the impossible.

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