Seth Rogen has given his opinion on the recent arrest of Justin Bieber for DUI and resisting arrest, and he didn't tread lightly when voicing what he really thinks of the singer. The comic actor and writer labelled the much-despised star a "piece of sh*t" on Twitter, shortly after the 'news' of the Canadian pop star's arrest was announced.

Seth Rogen
There are also rumours that Justin stole his quiff look from Rogen, which gives him more reason to be a hater

Rogen hit out at the Biebs following his arrest in Miami on Thursday, 23 January, morning and to put it lightly, the This Is The End star clearly isn't a Belieber. Seth tweeted: "All jokes aside, Justin Bieber is a piece of s**t."

His sentiment was matched by a lage portion of the Twitter community, with his tweet being retweeted more than 115,000 times in the 15 hours since he posted it. Apparently people really don't like Justin Bieber after all... who would have guessed it?

The fellow Canadians have actually hung out together before, getting chummy with each other at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in one particular instance. It shows that a lot can change in just three years, particularly people's perceptions of others.

In 2011, Justin was hardly a well-loved singer, but his derision came mostly from the fact that he made pretty lousy pop music, in the way people tend not to like One Direction. It's nothing personal, other than when jealousy is concerned. Now there is a genuine reason not to like Justin Bieber. As Seth so eloquently put it, it is because he is a "piece of sh*t."

Justin Bieber
You can see a better version of Justin's mugshot here