Seth Rogen has been making ceramics during lockdown.

The 38-year-old actor had ''resisted'' his wife Lauren Miller's suggestion that it could be a hobby they took up together, having previously taken a class during high school, and now he's started, he got ''pretty into'' producing clay creations.

He said: ''My desk is covered in them. This is a vase I made. This is an ash tray I made...

''I'm an idiot, so for no reason I often resist things that turn out to be very fun.

''Like, for some reason I refused to see the play 'Wicked' for, like, years and Lauren really wanted to see it, and then I saw it and I was like, 'Oh, it's great. I don't get what I was making such a big deal about.'

''It was a similar thing with ceramics. She kept suggesting it and I kept saying no, thinking I wouldn't like it. And then because I'm dumb, I went and did like it and I have been pretty into it.''

The 'Sausage Party' actor has also been kept busy binge watching 'I May Destroy You'and 'Insecure', as well as all eight 'Harry Potter' movies for the first time.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I watched every single Harry Potter movie, because I'd never seen them. I get what everyone was so excited about.''

Meanwhile, Seth can next be seen playing bother Herschel Greenbaum and his great grandson Ben in time-travel farce 'An American Pickle' and despite his differing appearance in both roles, the star refused to make things easier for himself by wearing a fake beard.

Instead, he shot all his scenes as Herschel and then after shaving, refilmed the entire movie again as Ben.

He said: ''Just 'cause I think they look bad. I thought it would be distracting.

''I had to improvise as one character and leave the pauses I thought I would fill in seven weeks later as the other.''