If you’ve been keeping up on your film news at all this year, Seth Rogen’s apocalyptic comedy This Is The End should have been a big bleep on the radar. Not only does it feature pretty much everyone you can think of on the Hollywood comedy circuit (seriously, you have Michael Sera acting opposite Jason Segel, Rogen, James Franco, Emma Watson, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and cameos from practically every big comedian of the past five years.) The cast list goes on and on.


Even if that was all This Is The End had going for it, it’d still be worth seeing, but early reviews are also in favor. It’s even being compared to Rogen’s best work early on – Superbad and Pineapple Express. And frankly, it just looks really cool. The creators can discuss setups, camera work and comedic timing till the cows come home, but the truth is pretty simple – when you put a bunch of rich, funny dudes in a room and make them face the Apocalypse, chances are people are going to go see it.

Plus, releasing a big budget comedy right on time for summer break is a tried and true strategy that’s worked really well in the past – Ted, The Hangover, Bridesmaids – it’s a sure way to success, at least in terms of sales. Summer blockbuster? You could probably bet on that.

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Famous people and a Biblical Apocalypse - what's not to like?