The first trailer and poster for Seth Rogen and James Franco’s action comedy The Interview has hit and we now couldn't be more excited about this movie. The movie looks packed full of action and laughs and could just be Franco and Rogen’s best collaboration yet. Here’s 10 things we learnt about The Interview from its awesome trailer.

Seth Rogen and James FrancoRogen and Franco are back together again in The Interview

1. Rogen and Franco will attempt to assassinate Kim Jong-Un

Yes the trailer spells it our for us, The Interview is about Franco and Rogen’s characters attempting to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong. Franco plays a celebrity interviewer who lands a meeting with the dictator, his biggest break yet. Problem is, the CIA then step in, asking Franco and his producer (Rogen) to carry out an assassination.

2. Kim Jong-Un can speak to dolphins

As we hear Kim Jong-Un’s people believe anything he tells them, including that he can speak to dolphins, a talent Franco is particularly fond of. But that’s not all…

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3. He also doesn’t go to the toilet

Another fact purported by the dictator is that he “doesn't urniate or defecate.” This one cannot possibly be true, because as Rogen rightly points out where would it go? He’d explode!

4. It’s a ‘Freaks and Geeks’ reunion

Rogen and Franco have now shared the screen together many times, but their first appearance was on the much loved but short lived series ‘Freaks and Geeks’. But the Franco-Rogen pairing isn't enough to qualify a show reunion, but the appearance of Lizzy Caplan is. Caplan who’s now best know for ‘Masters of Sex’ played Sarah, girlfriend of Jason Segel’s character in the series. These ‘Freaks and Geeks’ really cant get away from each other.

5. The boys will be well equipped

When carrying out an assassination having the right equipment is very important, luckily the trailer shows Franco and Rogen seem well equipped with an array of weapons and gadgets to help them on their mission. The question is, will they be able to use them correctly? We’re guessing it’s going to be a steep learning curve.

Watch the trailer for The Interview here

6. Sharp suits

Rogen and particularly Franco seem to be looking sharp throughout the movie, showcasing some seriously suave suits. However there is hint that Rogen might be loosing his at some point and it wouldn't surprise us.

7. Kim Jong-Un looks like…

Kim Jong-Un! Yes comedy actor Randall Park looks like he’s done a pretty good imitation of the dictator, though we’re pretty sure he took artistic license with that swagger.

8. It will actually be funny

It’s always hard to tell from trailers just how funny a comedy will be, but The Interview trailer makes the film look down right hilarious. Expect a mixture of great one liners. slapstick humour and political satire all rolled into one very fun film.

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9. It’s action packed

Joking aside, from the number of explosions and shots fired during the just over 90 minute trailer, we can tell The Interview is going to be packed full of action. Actually we’re kind of worried about the boys making it out of North Korea alive.

10. Seth and James love each other

They’ve never hidden their bromance before, but the words ‘I love you’ are actually said between the two friends in the trailer. We can only imagine how many hugs and heart to hearts are going to be shared by these two throughout the film but let’s just hope there’s no nude paintings.

The Interview posterPoster for The Interview