In a development that appears to add credence to the accusation that North Korea could have something to do with the recent hack at Sony, Seth Rogen and James Franco's payment for controversial movie The Interview have appeared online. 

The InterviewSeth Rogen [L] and James Franco [R] star in The Interview 

North Korea had threatened to retaliate against the United States if Sony went ahead with its December release date of the movie, which follows two journalists tasked with assassinating North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un. 

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Now, in a new leaked data obtained by Bloomberg, it appears Seth Rogen was paid $8.4 million for the movie, with James Franco getting $6.5 million. The leak also reveals that Britney Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline was paid $5,000 for a brief cameo. Social Security numbers and scripts for not-yet-aired TV shows have also been leaked.

"That's really, really sensitive stuff, particularly for high-profile people," said Zachary K. Goldman, executive director of the Center on Law and Security at New York University's School of Law. "Think of all the mayhem you could cause with that."

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Last week, hackers identifying themselves as 'The Guardians of Peace', leaked numerous awards-targeted movies from Sony including Fury with Brad Pitt, Still Alice with Julianne Moore and Mike Leigh's critically acclaimed Mr Turner. 

The FBI is currently investigating the matter, while Sony has sent out cease-and-desist letters to demand the movies be taken down for file-sharing sites.

The Interview is set for release on Christmas Day. There's no word on whether Sony plans to delay or cancel the release given the events of the past couple of weeks.

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