Watching old footage of the Sex Pistols sends a shiver up John Lydon's spine.

The former frontman of the punk rock band - who quit in 1978 to found a new group, Public Image Ltd - is still proud of the work they did and sometimes likes to reminisce by watching old performances.

He told Q magazine: ''Watching old footage of the Sex Pistols sends a shiver up my spine. I feel quite proud that I was a part of it. And oddly enough I look at it thinking, Cor, I really like that. And then realise that I was actually in it. That's quite a chilling, brilliant reward. I can remove myself from it because I can throw the ego and the conceit aside.''

John has settled in Los Angeles and loves living in the California city because no one acts their age.

The 56-year-old musician said: ''I find people in Los Angeles to be open, happy, unpretentious, fun and fun loving with a healthy disposition, where the idea of act your age is utterly impossible for anyone to consider. That's surely a good thing.''