A rare recording of the Sex Pistols' God Save The Queen has been named the world's most valuable vinyl disc.
Experts value A&M Records' copy of God Save The Queen at $12,800 (£8,000), since the punk legends were dropped by the label before the track's release, and most copies were destroyed. It was eventually re-pressed by Virgin and given an official release.
The Beatles and the Rolling Stones also featured in the top five of Record Collector magazine's list of the 51 most collectible vinyl records.
The Fab Four's Please Please Me, released on the Black and Gold label, is in second place with an estimated worth of $5,600 (£3,500), while the Rolling Stones' 1964 self-titled debut was fifth. That disc was valued at $1,600 (£1,000).
Record Collector editor Ian MCCann explains, "There is something of an investment market in mint-condition copies of iconic albums. The problem is people love them and play them to death, making it increasingly rare to find them in mint condition."