Shaggy jumped at the chance to feature on Steven Malcolm's 'Fuego Remix'.

The 'Boombastic' hitmaker and the 29-year-old Michigan rapper have just dropped the fresh spin on the popular track, and the 51-year-old Grammy-winner has shared how he's always championed new artists, like he did with RikRok on his 2000 hit 'It Wasn't Me' and Rayvon on 'Angel', and saw something special in Steven.

Shaggy exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''When I come across a talented new artist, my instinct is to get involved and do whatever I can to help them. That's why I made 'It Wasn't Me' with RikRok, recorded with Rayvon on 'Angel', produced 'Banana' for Conkarah and featured on Steven Malcolm's 'Fuego.'''

And Steven - who has been streamed over 41 million times - has hailed working with the Jamaican-American dancehall legend as ''the best experience'' of his career.

He added: ''Out of all the artists I've worked with so far, Shaggy has been the best experience! He heard the record, loved it, and killed it. But more so the hang out on the video set was what made me most excited! He's a great, funny, down to heart guy who is LEGENDARY!''

The remix is produced by and features Social House's Anderson 'Scootie' Michael - a collaborator of Ariana Grande, who worked on the pop megastar's hits 'Thank You, Next', '7 Rings' and 'Boyfriend'.

Steven - whose father was born in Montego Bay - explained how Shaggy provided his own ''Caribbean spice'' to the Latin banger.

He said: ''Shaggy brought that Jamaican patois to 'Fuego,' and added a different vibe to it.

''The song already has Latin guitars in it, so he came in there and added his Caribbean spice. This song is about to be legendary! It's about to be fuego.''

The accompanying music video sees the pair making their way through a cityscape at night, pursued by a crime boss and her pack of henchmen.

'Fuego Remix' is out now on all major streaming services.