Shaggy and his daughter joke about who's more famous as she's ''a star'' on TikTok.

The 'It Wasn't Me' hitmaker - who has Sydney, 13, and twins Madison and Kelsey, nine, with his wife Rebecca - has revealed his teenager daughter refuses to perform a dance routine on the video sharing platform to one of his hits as they are not cool enough.

Shaggy said: ''I joke with my daughter and I said, 'Are you going to do a TikTok on daddy's song?'

''And she was like 'No. All my friends are doing this dance, and you will never have the pleasure of seeing your daughter do it.'

''I told her, 'You are just mad because I am more popular than you are.' I'm a TikTok star. We always keep swinging at the bat. Music is what I am good at.''

The 51-year-old reggae fusion and dancehall legend - who also has rapper son Robb Banks, 25, from a previous relationship - is set to release the album, 'Hot Shot 2020', which sees him put a modern spin on the hits from his iconic album, 'Hot Shot', to celebrate its 20th anniversary on July 10.

Sting - who teamed up with Shaggy on the Grammy-winning joint LP '44/876' in 2018 - features on the new version of 'Angel', whilst they've also recorded new song 'Primavera' together.

On what fans can expect, he added to Digital Journal: ''I came up with a concept, where I took the five most popular tracks and I gave them a 2020 feel.

''Then, I added four new songs and I threw in some classics and gave them an uplift as well.

''I put Sting on 'Angel' and I did a new song with him called 'Primavera'.

''It all worked out.''