Shaggy wants to escape the negativity of social media in 2021.

The 52-year-old music star has rediscovered his love of cooking amid the coronavirus pandemic, and as he looks towards next year, Shaggy also revealed he's keen to detach himself from social media.

Shaggy shared: "I’m always learning. When you stop being a student, you’ve accepted defeat.

"I learned a lot about my family. As I’m always touring, I worried that when I came back home they were going to be dealing with a stranger, but I ended up loving my time with my wife and children.

"I got back into cooking and things didn’t seem as superficial as they did before. Now I’ve got to learn next year to get off my devices – you scroll through social media for your news and it’s just bad anyway, which just brings you anxiety and puts you in depression."

In 2018, Shaggy recorded a collaboration album with Sting called '44/876'.

And the 'Angel' hitmaker has described the music star as being "like the brother [he] never knew [he] needed".

Asked if they are planning to make more music together in the coming months, he told NME: "Sting and I make music regularly, even though we might not put stuff out right away. Just this week, he sent me some vocals he wants me to remix.

"He’s like the brother I never knew I needed, and has helped my confidence a lot because he’s pushed me to do things I never thought I could."