Shailene Woodley split from her boyfriend after realising she wasn't able to ''fully commit'' to a relationship.

The 'Divergent' star was dating rugby player Ben Volavola and they were ''on the road to marriage and children'' but she decided she couldn't be ''available'' to him.

She said: ''I was in a relationship with someone and we were very much on the road to marriage and children ... [But then] I realised I was still at an age where I wasn't able to fully commit. I couldn't be available to him in the way that I wanted to be. I didn't fully love myself.''

And the 28-year-old actress says filming her new movie helped her be ''truthful'' in her real life.

Speaking about her role in 'Endings Beginnings', she added: ''What improvising an entire movie does is forces you to be truthful in a way that even in your own life you're not truthful. Because of that raw, vulnerable state we submitted to while performing these characters, I learned a lot about what was and wasn't working in my personal life.''

Shailene felt in the past she had been using relationships to ''distract'' her from getting to know herself.

She shared: ''I was trying to use relationships to distract me from getting to know myself. I can't run from myself. I can try, but my house is not that big.''

The 'Insurgent' actress also opened about one of her ex lovers, who she said helped ''heal'' her relationship with sexuality.

She explained to Bustle: ''I had a lover that taught me a lot about my own body and my own emotional connection to sex. That's when I feel like I healed my relationship with sexuality - when this beautiful man came into my life and helped me walk through that journey. I love sex. I think it is one of the most underrated, underappreciated, and undervalued experiences that we have.''