Shakira wants everyone to give into their carnal desires - because she is convinced repressed sexuality causes suffering.
The pop star insists sex has a profound impact on the entire world, and giving in to romantic urges benefits all of society.
She says, "I do think libido is the engine of the world. Forward or backwards. For good or ill. Sometimes when we repress our libido we regress. When we were in the Dark Ages, it was a question of humanity somehow managing to forget about itself. We put God in the centre of society, and people forgot about their own nature and desires. There was a huge deal of repression."
And the Colombian beauty admits even members of the Catholic church can appreciate the sensuality of her music.
She adds, "Not too long ago my mum ran into one nun at home, who'd known me, and the nun told her, 'Oh my God, I watched the She-Wolf video, and Shakira looks phenomenal in it! I love how she looks, how she does the splits, and how flexible her legs are.' This was an 80-year-old nun. Times are changing."