Shakira is a fan of Coldplay.

The 'Can't Remember To Forget You' singer, who has been inspired by stars of the past, including Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, also loves listening to Coldplay, in particular their hit 'In My Place'.

Talking about the band's frontman, she said: ''Chris Martin has one of my favorite male voices of all time - so emotive and incredibly honest.''

Discussing her love of Billie, she also said: ''Billie Holiday has one of the most timeless voices out there and is always something that puts me in a tranquil mood.

''I think although the lyrics are probably meant in a romantic context, for me there are some that make sense coming from a mother to her child as well - the idea of surrendering all of oneself to a love bigger than the individual.

''Ella Fitzgerald is another classic voice that has a soothing quality. Perfect to listen to at the end of a long day.''

Meanwhile, when she's not downloading music old and new, she is on her mobile phone recording voice memos and playing around with ideas for future records.

She said: ''This is one [app] I use in the studio a lot, to help me capture melodies, create references for arrangements, and work remotely with producers or musicians so they can hear the same thing I'm hearing.''

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