Shakira and Rihanna have teamed up for a steamy new video to Can’t Remember to Forget You, the newest single from Shakira. The video was released yesterday (January 30). The video is simple and straightforward, with the two songstresses doing what we already know they do well – writhing around in skimpy outfits and perfect makeup, pouting and lamenting a failed relationship. Well, it’s not so much “lamenting” as “aggressively paying tribute with guitars, a rain machine and homoerotic imagery.”

Shakira, LAX
Shakira returns to the music scene, aided by fellow pop siren Rihanna.

The video opens with a nice aerial shot of a tropical beach, but quickly moves on to the main attraction. In what appears to be some sort of mansion, the Latin star writhes atop an assortment of beds and cushions, takes a dip in a steaming pool of water and does some hip swinging against a wall. Rihann, meanwhile, walks along a backlit corridor, singing and looking glamorous, as you do.

Rihanna,Rock Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch
The match is so perfect, we wonder why they haven't done it before.

Eventually they come together, to lounge around on a bed, smoke cigars and violate a couple of walls. Oh, and they Shakira has an extremely wet and impassioned jam session, wearing lingerie. All in a day’s work for a pop star, right? The video comes on the heels of the song’s initial release earlier in January as a single off Shakira’s upcoming tenth studio album. The song has peaked so far at No. 28 on the Billboard Hot 100. Earlier this month, Shakira announced that she was planning on pulling a Beyonce and releasing the record as a self-titled album.

Shakira, LAX
The Colombian born songstress is due to release an album later this year.