Shakira scored herself a deserved victory in the courtroom this week, as her disgruntled ex-boyfriend Antonio de la Rúa had claimed that he was entitled to a share of her fortune. A judge at a Geneva court ruled last month that De la Rúa had no entitlement to any of the assets in the singer's Swiss bank account as his $100 million lawsuit was thrown out of court.

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Shakira scored herself a win in the courtroom

De la Rúa stated in a his lawsuit, which was first filed last year, that before they split in 2011, the two had made an oral agreement concerning their professional relationship that had guaranteed financial security to each other. The Swiss court made it's ruling on June 18 and on Friday (July 5), Shakira's attorney gave a statement to E! News commending the judge's decision.

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The singer had her first child with Barcelona FC ace Gerard Pique earlier this year

"In a fifteen page well-reasoned opinion the Swiss court dismissed all of Mr. de la Rúa's claims that he was entitled to any participation in Shakira's past, current or future business, brand or assets, including future income," said Ezequiel Camerini, the singer's attorney. Camerini also said that the two had never made any kind of joint business agreement and when they split up the two signed a "prenuptial-type agreement applicable to unmarried couples" in which they "expressly manifested their wish to conserve, each separately, the totality of their past, current and future assets."

Camerini went on to say that in his lawsuit, De la Rúa claimed to be behind Shakira's image and eventual success, but added that despite his defeat in court, he wont be appealing for a retrial.

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