Shakira is addicted to chocolate.

The 'She Wolf' hitmaker admits she only realised how strong her cravings for the sugary treat were when she woke up tearful after dreaming of it while dieting to get in shape for a music video.

She said: "I love chocolate. I'm addicted to it. Do you know when I realised that? Shortly before we started shooting the video for 'She Wolf.'

"I needed a whole month to get back into shape. I danced, worked out and had to stick to a strict diet - only fish, spinach and a specially-prepared dessert with tofu. For the first time in my life I was dreaming of chocolate and cake and always woke up with tears in my eyes."

However, the Columbian-born beauty made sure she made up for her deprivation as soon as filming the video was complete.

She added to website "When we finished shooting the video I went to a cafe in Los Angeles and had five pieces of chocolate cake in one go!"