Shakira has her dreams analysed by her therapist.

The 'She Wolf' hitmaker regularly consults with an analyst and was delighted when he recently told her that seeing insects in her nocturnal visions was a sign of happiness.

She said: "I had grasshoppers when I was younger and I realised the grasshopper is a symbol of happiness in Chinese culture.

"I dreamt about a grasshopper last night and when I phoned my analyst this morning, he told me. It wasn't because of the grasshopper I phoned him, it was about something else in the dream."

The Columbian singer also spoke about her meeting with the Dalai Lama, revealing she enjoyed hearing him laugh because it made her feel optimistic about life.

She explained: "The Dalai Lama was nice, but I suppose being nice is part of his whole thing though, isn't it? I didn't want to say anything, I just wanted to listen, especially to his laugh. It sounded like optimism. It sounded like, 'Hey it is definitely possible to be happy.' "