Markus Feehily is not in contact with his old Westlife bandmates.

The singer insists he doesn't ''hate'' Shane Filan, Nicky Byrne, or Kian Egan but they are all leading separate lives now they are no longer a part of the group.

He explained to BANG Showbiz: ''We don't keep in touch as much as we used to. People just assume that means we must hate each other. One day people will believe it.

''It would be much more exciting if I said I hated them but it's not the case. The boring fact is we all like each other.

''I don't have a bad word to say about any of the Westlife lads. We all live in different cities if not different countries.''

The 'Love is a Drug' singer thinks it is normal for them not to be in constant contact any more as they are able to focus on themselves and their own careers for the first time.

He said: ''The difference is we all gave each other 100% for so long, now we are giving ourselves as individuals a 100%. That means we are not giving ourselves up to be quarter of a team anymore.

''We are focusing on our lives. Of course that means we don't see each other as much. But there is no badness.''

And Markus doesn't think he will be working with any of his former bandmates again any time soon.

He added: Someone asked me if I'd like to do a duet with Shane and I was like, I've pretty much duetted with Shane for 14 years. I don't think any is going to be working with each other.

''We are all on our first album or this that and the other.

''But, I've always loved singing with the lads and that's something that wouldn't change if I sang with them again.''

Markus' new single 'Love Is A Drug' is out now and his solo LP is due for release later this year.