Shane Meadows was sh****ing Himself" during filming of Stone Roses Film as a British director, taking on a film about your, and the nations’, favourite band is a daunting prospect.

That’s what hit Shane Meadows half way through filming the doc, and he’s let us know why. “I got a phone in a taxi on a way to a film festival in France and it was Ian Brown about ten o'clock in the morning and he was saying the Roses are getting back together,” explains Shane. “Literally before he had finished the sentence I was thinking 'if you let anyone else make a film I will kill you and I will kill myself'. I was praying the call was leading to something like that.” Luckily, for Mr. Meadows – the director of classics like This is England and Dead Man’s Shows – the gig was always going to be hits. Now for the faecal matter in the undies bit. ”I thought I could improvise but it is quite frightening because everyone was anticipating this amazing project when my name and theirs got put together so I was s****ing myself for a long time,” he divulged.

“These other dates like Warrington got announced and the first time I knew I had a got film was when we filmed at Warrington and filmed the fans and I realised I wasn't their number one fan there was a million of us who all felt the same.” Made Of Stone is showing at cinemas in the UK on Wednesday June 5. It will be released on DVD later this year.

Shane MeadowsMeadows is a British favourite