When 08.06.2013

'This Is England' director Shane Meadows is interviewed about his new Stone Roses documentary 'Made Of Stone' which follows the band about as they make a comeback into music. He talks about the rehearsal process and the differences between making a film and making a documentary.

'The thing that I do and is vital to my work is the rehearsal process, starting way before we start the film to build up a sense of history', he reveals. 'That same ritual of sitting in a room together, improvising, working to together, getting back into the flow.' On working on a documentary, he admits, 'I didn't realise quite how different it was gonna be. On my films, although I'm improvising a lot, I'm changing the story and bending the story to what I think needs to happen and on a documentary obviously you're not doing that, you're following real people.'


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