Retired Australian cricket legend Shane Warne has been bitten on the face by an anaconda during the reality TV series ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’ in South Africa.

During the episode, which aired on Thursday night (February 18th) via Channel Ten in Australia, saw a ‘tucker trial’ that required the ex-spin bowler to immerse his head in a series of tanks, containing African clawed frogs, scorpions, Madagascan hissing cockroaches and rats.

After all that, he was presented with a box of assorted snakes – reportedly his biggest fear – and told to do the same again. After initially protesting against this, he reluctantly prepared himself to get on with it.

The show’s host, Chris Brown, warned him just before: “A little warning, Shane, you were just in with those rats for a long period of time. They may see you as being food.” This proved to be accurate, as Warne was then bitten on the head by a non-venomous anaconda.

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News Corp Australia reported soon afterwards that Warne was treated with antiseptic fluid on the scene, and that medical staff are monitoring him for any signs of infection as he continues with the reality show.

“Shane has made no secret that snakes are one of his greatest fears so it’s amazing that after being bitten he bravely continued with the trial,” an executive producer of the show told the news outlet. “When Shane puts his mind to a task, he won’t let anything stop him.”

46 year old Warne, who took over 1000 international wickets in all forms of the game during his lengthy career, is said to have been paid A$3 million to appear in ‘I’m A Celebrity…’. However, until now, his appearances have been more noteworthy for bizarre theories about the non-existence of Darwininsm.

“Basically I’m saying, aliens,” he offered by way of alternative explanation for the origin of life on Monday night’s episode. “We started from aliens.” Right you are, Shane.

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