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Fifth Harmony Listen To Country Music Prior To Going On Stage

Camila Cabello Carrie Underwood Shania Twain

Fifth Harmony listen to country music prior to performing.

The 'Worth It' hit makers - which is comprised of Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Camila Cabello, and Lauren Jauregui - have revealed country musicians, including Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt, get them in the mood to perform.

Kordei shared: ''Well for the last few shows I've been requesting country music.

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Drake Meets His "Woman Crush" Shania Twain At Nashville Concert

Drake Shania Twain Lebron James

Rapper Drake had a fanboy moment backstage at his concert in Nashville on Sunday night, when he met country legend Shania Twain. The ‘Hotline Bling’ hitmaker called Shania his "woman crush" when he shared a pic on Instagram of the two backstage at the show, after gushing about his love for her onstage.

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Impressed Much? Shania Twain Makes Storming Return In Las Vegas

Shania Twain

It's been too long for Shania Twain, but her return to the live circuit at on the opening night of her two-year residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on Saturday in Las Vegas brought about a reaction akin to that of her debut, CBC News reports.

Emotional at her overwhelmingly warm response, no doubt from those either euphoric over their big casino-win, or nearly passed out from alcohol over their bad luck on the slots, Twain addressed the crowd, dabbing the tears from her eyes. "Thank you. Thank you so much -- you guys are going to get me all emotional, and then my eyelashes are going to fall off," she said. "This is a very overwhelming night.... It's been a lot of years for me since I've been here. I realize what I've been missing, thanks to you." Later on, she asked halfway through her set, "You guys having a good time so far?" and after the cheers, said, "I hope so, 'cause that's the only reason I do this.... Otherwise I would just stay on my lonesome and sing."

Performing at the Colosseum - a high-ceilinged, 4,298-seat modern replica of the Roman architectural marvel - inside sprawling Caesars Palace, Twain's show featured no shortage of set pieces. She first sent a jolt through the crowd by charging onstage on the back of a black stallion before launching into a rowdy rendition of Ain't No Quitter with the stage decorated to look like a Wild West saloon.

Live Horses And Motorcycles: Shania Twain Launches New Vegas Show

Shania Twain

Shania Twain’s ambitious new stage show opened in Las Vegas on Saturday night (December 1, 2012) and features the singer recreating moments from her iconic music videos, on the stage. Entitled Shania… Still the One, the show features her wrangling live horses, and riding a motorcycle suspended in the air, according to the country music station WWGP AM1050. Some of her biggest hits get the live-stage treatment, such as 'Any Man of Mine' and 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman.'

It took some time for Twain to reacquaint herself with her old material, as she claims not to listen to her albums once they’ve been released. One thing she struggled with was the sheer quantity of words in the songs; given the complexity of the stage set-up, it must have been no mean feat to combine the vocal performance with the physical movement required of her. “Why did I write so many words? What was I thinking?” she ended up asking herself. “These songs are so wordy! It’s like I’ve tried to fit in so many words. I still have to walk and sing. I had to get reacquainted with pacing myself again.”

Twain seems pretty excited about the new show and explained “We’re seeing new things all the time happening behind us and around us that I’ve never had, or that I wouldn’t be able to have in a traveling show — a lot of the technology and that sort of thing. It’s just a wonder in itself I think.” Of course, such an expensive stage show will be reliant on a good critical response to keep the ticket sales flooding in, in order that they turn a profit. Shania insist she’s done it for the fans though, not the journalists. “I’m there for [the fans], and I feel it. They’re there for the same reason that I’m there. We love the music and we love the entertainment, and so I feel like there’s a really positive exchange there.” They all say that though, don’t they?

Fans Treated To A Shania Twain Horseback Arrival For New Gigs

Shania Twain Elton John Jerry Seinfeld

Most stars turn up in a limo, but Shania Twain's horseback arrival at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace on Nov. 14, 2012 has set the benchmark. No more limos, guys, the bar has been raised.

Twain was marketing her new show, which is titled 'Shania: Still the One' and opens Dec. 1, 2012 at the Colosseum. The 47-year-old singer didn't just ride a single horse down the strip, oh no, that wouldn't be ridiculous enough. Instead, she sat atop a horse among a herd of 40 other horses in a slow, organized stampede. Now, of course, a real stampede is neither slow nor organized, but promoters used the term to generate excitement for Shania Twain's horseback arrival. "We could either lose a few hundred dollars inside or come out and see what kind of spectacle she puts on," said Steve Huffman, a UPS manager from Charleston, W.Va., who watched with his wife, Debi, from an overhead pedestrian walkway, according to Yahoo News. 

Despite releasing her self titled album way back in 1993, Shania only has four studio albums to her name, with The Woman in Me, Come on Over and Up all being subsequently released. Regardless her relatively small output, she is considered to be one of the country-music scene's greats, and her two-year residency at the L.A hotel, where stars such as Elton John and Jerry Seinfield perform, is testament to her influence as a musician. 

I ? Huckabees Review


The one philosophy behind the existential screwball comedy "I ? Huckabees" (pronounce the ? as "heart") is that there is no one philosophy. A satire of spiritual gurus, self-help and other psychological gimmickry, it makes its point by being so esoteric and cerebrally akimbo that it will likely divide audiences between those who find its deliberately abstruse discombobulation amusing and to the point, and those who find it just abstruse and discombobulated.

Written and directed by David O. Russell, the observant and darkly comical wit behind the Gulf War derision "Three Kings," the ensemble storyline whirlpools around Albert Markovski (Jason Schwartzman), an unhinged and obsessive young environmentalist who has seen the open-space preservation group he chartered slip through his fingers and into the hands of a snake-oil-charming corporate stooge named Brad Stand (Jude Law). Brad is, in fact, an executive at Huckabees -- a slick, corporate retailer with a habit of moving into small towns and building megastores where there had once been open space.

With his failure causing him to question his whole life, Albert seeks metaphysical peace of mind from Bernard and Vivian Jaffe (Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin), a pair of unconventional, off-kilter and out-of-sync private eyes who specialize in solving the mysteries of their clients' inner turmoil. Soon they are, quite conspicuously, following Albert to work, peering through his windows, digging through his trash, and pairing him up with another lost soul as a partner in intellectual recovery -- Tommy (Mark Wahlberg), a blue-collar lug of a firefighter whose eye-opening visit inside his own head has rapidly become a slide into bemused Nihilism.

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Shania Twain

Shania Twain Quick Links

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I ? Huckabees Movie Review

The one philosophy behind the existential screwball comedy "I ? Huckabees" (pronounce the ? as...