Shania Twain says a Harry Styles collaboration would be a "dream".

The country music legend - who joined the former One Direction star on stage at Coachella earlier this year to perform her hits 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman' and 'You're Still The One' - would love to make "magic" with him in the studio.

Appearing on 'TalkShopLive' with Nancy O'Dell, she said: “I went up onstage with Harry Styles [at Coachella].

"He invited me on his stage, which was so wonderful and [he’s a] lovely, lovely person. I want to say lovely kid, but I mean he’s not a kid anymore, is he? He’s a man.

“[A collaboration] would be my dream, yes. He’s busy making movies right now. I would love that. Put it out there! Make it happen, absolutely. And magic will happen, I’m sure.”

Meanwhile, Shania is preparing for the release of new album 'Queen of Me', which is set to drop on February 3, 2023.

She admitted the pandemic gave her plenty of time to focus on writing, and the sessions resulted in enough material for "four albums".

She explained: "The COVID period gave me more time than I expected. So I basically wrote four albums worth of music.

"This is just the beginning. I was so productive, I wrote a lot of music.

"So it was very difficult to narrow it down to what would then be this album, 'Queen of Me', but, of course, once I determined the real focus of the sentiment of the album, what I want to express personally out there right now, which is the Queen of Me message, be the queen of yourself, the boss of you and take responsibility for the good and the bad and everything that comes in between.

"So the songs naturally fell into place after that, once I had a good beginning, which was the title.”