Shania Twain had both good and bad news for her fans during her appearance on today’s edition of 'Good Morning America'. The country-pop crossover diva happily announced on the show she would be returning to the road again for the Rock This Country Tour, her first outing in 11 years. But the 49 year old singer also said the tour would be her last, adding that she wanted to 'go out with a bang'.

Shania TwainShania has promised to "go out with a bang" on farewell tour

Announcing her farewell tour, Twain said, "I'm finally, after 11 years, I'm going back on tour. It’s the after-party tour. That's how I see it. It’s the after-party to all of these years.”

"This is a very, very important time on the road for me," the singer added. "I just feel like I'm ready to hang my hat up in that regard. I just really want to go out with a bang.

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Twain had been enjoying a Las Vegas residency which ended in December of last year, after running at Caesars Palace from 2012. On Tuesday a live CD and DVD of Twain’s full Vegas show, entitled Still The One: Live From Vegas, was released.

But the tour won't mark the end of Twain’s musical career, as Shania also revealed she’s been working on material for a new album. The singer, who turns 50 in August said,  "I want it to come out when I'm 50, so it will happen. I’m on the microphone every day recording stuff.” 

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The Rock This Country Tour will kick off on June 5 in Seattle and hit 48 cities throughout the US and Twain’s home country of Canada. The full list of dates as well as ticket details can be found at Shania’s official website.