The You're Still The One hitmaker wrapped up two years of Sin City shows in December (14) and subsequently hit the road for her first tour in more than a decade.

She plans to extend the tour into Europe, Asia and Australia, but wants to head back to Las Vegas once she is done with the dates, and she could be back on stage in the Nevada tourist haven as early as autumn 2016.

Twain tells the Las Vegas Sun, "It's (the tour is) going so well that I've decided I'd like to extend it. I'm not ready to stop... First, I have to finish the new album this fall... Then Europe and maybe add on Asia, Australia and New Zealand... But the ideal scenario is to come back to Las Vegas. I'd like to return to Las Vegas and do another couple of years in a residency. Las Vegas and the run at Caesars Palace turned out to be a nice surprise in that we liked Las Vegas so much. Everybody was so nice there. There was always lots to do there. We felt very comfortable living there.

"It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. It was very successful all the way around... We could return to Las Vegas next fall, 2016 or early 2017. I would be very happy to be back in Las Vegas."