Actress Shannen Doherty's estranged husband Rick Solomon has gone raunchy with his new career venture, by producing his own set of shocking GIRLS GONE WILD-style videos.

Internet wiz Solomon has teamed up with fellow producer ZACK BAUTZER and Crazy Town lead singer SHIFTY SHELLSHOCK to come out with BEVERLY HILLS PIMPS AND HOS.

The group's representative says, "These ladies' men have decided to use their 'pimp status' in a socially constructive manner by creating a series of DVDs and videos that shed a scandalous, controversial, uncensored, groundbreaking and behind-the-scenes light on everything ranging from dysfunctional rich Beverly Hills girls to incoherent drunk actors.

"These guys have an extensive resume when it comes to... Angie Everhart, Rachael Leigh Cook, Shannen Doherty and Paris Hilton... They have been romantically linked to them all."

The group is taking aim at Girls Gone Wild, deriding its "typical Middle America girls" compared to their own "saddest, richest and hottest girls of Beverly Hills".

01/09/2003 09:31