Sharleen Spiteri feels “sick” with nerves over the release of Texas’ new album.

The 53-year-old singer has been in the music industry for decades but she still gets anxious whenever fans are going to hear new songs for the first time.

Asked how she felt about the release of ‘Hi’ - which dropped on Friday (28.05.21), she told OK! magazine: “I feel sick” You never get used to the pre-album nerves.”

And the ‘Black-Eyed Boy’ hitmaker admitted her career feels as new and fresh now as it did when she was starting out.

She added: “I still think I’m starting out! My knees know I’m not at the beginning of my career but my brain thinks I am.

“As you get older you’re able to slow everything down to enjoy it. When it’s all so new, the excitement takes over.

“But when you’re older you’re able to savour it all.”

Sharleen enjoying being “creative” during lockdown but didn’t have as much fun writing away from her bandmate Johnny McElhone and their other collaborators.

She said: “I was at home in Wales and Johnny, my songwriting partner, was at home in Glasgow.

“Our other writing partners were in Los Angeles and Sweden.

“We did three new songs. I wouldn’t want to write like that all the time, but I enjoyed being creative.”

Before she found fame, the ‘Inner Smile’ singer trained as a hairdresser and though it “came in handy” during lockdown, not all of her household fared well with Sharleen’s home hair cuts.

She explained: “Being a trained hairstylist came in handy for everybody else in my household, but not for my dog.

“She’s a Welsh terrier and I decided to cut her hair, which was a big mistake. It was quite a different look, but she’s fine now.”