Sharleen Spiteri has claimed Wu-Tang Clan "took a chance" by collaborating with Texas.

The 'Say What You Want (All Day, Every Day)' singer - who worked with the hip hop icons on a new version of the track in 1998 - has opened up on their friendship over the years.

She told the Metro newspaper's Sixty Seconds column: "We're all geeks together. I'm in a band because I didn't fit into normal life and a nine-to-five job.

"I rebelled against the norm and that's what the friendship is based on.

"RZA said we took a big chance on doing the collaboration and I burst out laughing. They wee the ones taking the chance!"

The seemingly unlikely pals have joined forces again on the title track of Texas's new album 'Hi'.

The reunion came about while the band were working on a documentary for their anniversary, which led to them focusing on their first collaboration.

Sharleen explained: "It was great. We were making a documentary for Texas' anniversary and decided to focus on a moment that was really pivotal in our career.

"We chose the collaboration with Wu-Tang on 'Say What You Want', and while RZA and I were having a chat, we were like, 'We should make another record!'

"[Bandmate] Johnny McElhone and I had already written 'Hi' and thought it was the perfect song."

The album dropped at the end of May, and the 53-year-old star admitted she felt "sick" with nerves despite the record being their 10th LP.

She previously said: "I feel sick. You never get used to the pre-album nerves.”

And the ‘Black-Eyed Boy’ hitmaker admitted her career feels as new and fresh now as it did when she was starting out.

She added: “I still think I’m starting out! My knees know I’m not at the beginning of my career but my brain thinks I am.

“As you get older you’re able to slow everything down to enjoy it. When it’s all so new, the excitement takes over.

“But when you’re older you’re able to savour it all.”