Sharon Osbourne has lost too much weight.

The 70-year-old reality star has previously admitted to using controversial drug Ozempic to lose nearly 30lbs but she's admitted it is "time to stop" as she's much thinner than she wanted to be.

Appearing with her family on 'Piers Morgan's Uncensored', she admitted: "It’s just time to stop, I didn’t actually want to go this thin but it just happened. I'll probably put it all on again soon."

Earlier this week, Sharon admitted she is determined to find a "healthy balance" with her weight.

She shared: "I’m at the point of losing too much that I have to try and maintain.

"In my life, the heaviest I was 230 pounds, and I’m now under 100. And I want to maintain at about 105 because I’m too skinny. But I’m trying to have a healthy balance."

Earlier this month, Sharon insisted that using Ozempic to lose weight isn't "cheating".

The former 'X Factor' judge - who is married to musician Ozzy Osbourne - urged people to "lighten up" about the use of the drug.

She told "People think that it's a way of cheating, because you didn't work out for three hours a day, or you don't have some brilliant new trainer so you're cheating. It's not cheating.

"It's just something that you choose to lose weight. So, what is the biggie? I don't get it."

Sharon also urged people to be honest if they are having the injections.

She said: "It's like people who have a procedure done cosmetically and then they say, 'No, it's a new cream,' or, 'I sleep with a silk pillow now'. Just own it.

"It's your path in life, if you want to do it, do it. Good luck to you. If it makes you happy, great."