Sharon Osbourne is determined to strike a "healthy balance" in her weight-loss journey.

The 70-year-old TV star lost 30 pounds earlier this year, after she started using Ozempic, the controversial weight-loss drug that's also used to treat people with Type 2 diabetes, and Sharon has now insisted that she doesn't feel any shame about using it.

She told E! News: "It’s not a dirty little secret when you’ve taken something to help you lose weight, which is perfectly fine. We don’t have to b*******."

Sharon is no longer taking the weight-loss drug. However, she's still striving to find the ideal balance in her life.

She shared: "I’m at the point of losing too much that I have to try and maintain.

"In my life, the heaviest I was 230 pounds, and I’m now under 100. And I want to maintain at about 105 because I’m too skinny. But I’m trying to have a healthy balance."

Earlier this month, Sharon insisted that using Ozempic to lose weight isn't "cheating".

The TV star - who is married to musician Ozzy Osbourne - urged people to "lighten up" about the use of the drug.

She told "People think that it's a way of cheating, because you didn't work out for three hours a day, or you don't have some brilliant new trainer so you're cheating. It's not cheating.

"It's just something that you choose to lose weight. So, what is the biggie? I don't get it."

Sharon also urged people to be honest if they are having the injections.

She said: "It's like people who have a procedure done cosmetically and then they say, 'No, it's a new cream,' or, 'I sleep with a silk pillow now'. Just own it.

"It's your path in life, if you want to do it, do it. Good luck to you. If it makes you happy, great."