Sharon Osbourne’s future with ‘The X Factor’ is apparently in doubt after she launched a foul-mouthed rant at fellow judge Simon Cowell during a recent interview.

The 65 year old star spent an hour on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show this week, and spent much of the time having a go at both Cowell and the set-up of the ITV talent show. ‘The X Factor’ returned for its first show of the year this past weekend, and Osbourne is expected to link up in a month or so for the start of the live shows.

However, speaking about ‘The X Factor’s head judge and progenitor, Osbourne described Cowell as a “f****** pain in the arse” and claimed that he’ll do “whatever” to get his “f****** fat face on the TV”.

Sharon OsbourneSharon Osbourne's days on 'The X Factor' could be numbered

Shockingly, when asked by Stern a joking hypothetical question about whether she’d choose to save Cowell if they were both on a sinking ship, Osbourne gave it both barrels. “We would put a f****** brick around his neck and throw him over. I will drown you m*****f*****. Absolutely…he’s gone.”

She was similarly blunt in her explanation as to why she was choosing not to take part in the auditions section of the show in 2018. Robbie Williams is set to take her place, but will vacate for the live shows as he has touring commitments.

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“Oh f***, I don’t have to have those kids singing in my face. Those little s****. They all suck. It’s like, hey is this fucking karaoke or what?”

Following the broadcast, a source told The Sun that it’s entirely possible that Sharon will be sacked from the show following her blistering comments. “It seems untenable for her to continue on ‘The X Factor’ given this attitude. Simon will be absolutely furious.”

Sharon, the wife of Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, was a judge on ‘The X Factor’ from 2004 until 2007 on the show, returning in 2013, and then again since the 2016 series.

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