Sharon Osbourne's biggest beauty regret is overplucking her eyebrows.

The showbiz matriarch has had her fair share of beauty disasters in the past and says nothing has haunted her more than the time she went crazy with a pair of tweezers.

She told The Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''Plucking eyebrows for everyone has to be the worst thing and it's so marvellous that mine are so heavily documented.''

Her daughter Kelly Osbourne chimed in: ''They're the gift that keeps on giving.''

The mother and daughter duo have teamed up on a two-part, 26-piece collection for MAC Cosmetics - including blushers, eyeshadow, lipsticks, eyeliner and make-up tools - and had great fun showcasing their infamous sense of humour via their product names.

Sharon joked: ''I can't believe Cheeky Bu**er and Dodgy Girl got through. We had to come up with 50 names, then it goes through legal.''

As for Kelly, she had a blast experimenting with different colours at the MAC Pro centre in New York.

The 'Fashion Police' host added: ''They have these huge glass pots with every pigment which are so fun to play with. I realised there were certain textures I wanted for a satin finish, a glossy feel but not too glossy. It was really fun to experiment with.''