Did the X Factor producers know what they were getting themselves into when they brought back Sharon Osbourne? We suspect not, but in the end that only makes for a more entertaining format. We all know the X Factor could use a boost these days. According to Sharon’s recent interview with the Mirror, there is just no getting around the fact that she is the best – at least that’s what the reality show pro thinks is the reason.

Sharon Osbrourne, X Factor Auditions
No surprise she got the job - who could say no to this face? 

“Cos I am the best. It is the truth,” Sharon explained in answer to the question of why she was brought back. “It is not what they told me, it is what the public want. I am way over the age of being shy, my darling, so I will tell you the way it is, OK? You are expecting me to be coy and say, ‘Oh, I don’t know’. You can f*** off because this is it.”

Sharon Osbourne, X Factor Auditions
Then again, it would be a breath of fresh air. 

Good to know that Mrs Osbourne is being her usual charming self. Hopefully she plans to stay that way during her judging appearances, because she does have a point – the reality format really is much more fun when it features her explosive temper. Simon Cowell seems to realise this as well, as he negotiated Sharon’s return earlier this year over dinner at London’s The Arts Club. Despite Sharon’s risqué sense of humor, there were apparently no sexual favors exchanged during the deal. “It was simple, very simple,” Osbourne explained. “There we are. Haha. It really is an amazing feeling to be back, I couldn’t be happier.”

Sharon Osbourne, X Factor Auditions
The censors better get their bleeping fingers ready, though.