Sharon Stone is set to release her memoir 'The Beauty of Living Twice'.

The 62-year-old actress has been busy penning her upcoming tome, which is due out in March, and explained that she wants others to learn to ''forgive the unforgivable'' after reading it.

Alongside a snap of the book's cover, Sharon wrote on Instagram: ''Possibility made me write this book: the opportunity to grow, and to share that growth. I have learned to forgive the unforgivable. My hope is that as I share my journey, you too will learn to do the same.

The Beauty of Living Twice will be released March 2021 simultaneously in hardcover and as an eBook, and also in audio. Published by Alfred A. Knopf.''

The tome will see the former fashion model delve deep into her painful upbringing in Pennsylvania and her varied movie career, from starring in erotic thriller 'Basic Instinct' to mobster classic 'Casino'.

Stone will also open up about her two marriages to Phil Bronstein and Michael Greenburg, as well as her near-fatal stroke in 2001.

The book will also document Stone's humanitarian work for AIDS research and much more.

Publisher Knopf added in a statement: ''Stone in these pages echoes the Stone who made headlines throughout her career: she is courageous, honest, and outspoken, refusing to pull any punches when discussing aspects of the trauma and violence she endured as a child and how her chosen career as an actress echoed many of those same assaults.''

Stone's memoir announcement comes after she admitted she believes her death will be ''dramatic and nuts''.

The 'Total Recall' star has already survived three near-death experiences, including her massive stroke, being hit by lightning as a youngster and, at the age of just 14, almost being garrotted by a washing line.

She said: ''I've had a lot of things, it's crazy. I had my neck cut to a sixteenth of an inch from my jugular vein when I was 14 on a clothesline.

''I've been hit by lightning and, wow, that was really intense. I was at home, we had our own well. I was filling up the iron with water and I had my hand on the tap. The well got hit by lightning and it came up through the water.

''I was indoors and I got picked up and thrown across the kitchen and hit the refrigerator. Thankfully my mum belted me round the face and brought me to. It's like, 'How am I going to die next time?' Probably something super dramatic and nuts.''