Sharon Stone never considered herself to be ''sexy''.

The 'Basic Instinct' star insists she never perceived herself to be a sex symbol but believes ''exploring her dark side'' and not being ''afraid'' of herself in the movie was what attracted people to her.

She said: ''People still want to see my boobs. I'm 62! It's like, 'Really? Grow up!' ... I mean, I never thought I was that sexy. When I did 'Basic Instinct', I explored my dark side and made friends with my dark side. I got to not be afraid of my own self. I think people find that sexy.''

And the 62-year-old actress admits she finds it ''difficult'' to rid herself of her sex symbol status because everyone ''expects'' it from her.

Speaking to the new issue of Town and Country magazine, she added: ''It's difficult, because everybody expects you to be that all the time.

''It was very difficult for Marilyn Monroe. She did movies that really mattered, like 'Bus Stop', 'The Misfits', but she still couldn't get completely out of being that thing. It's very hard to shake.''

Meanwhile, Sharon previously revealed she thinks men ''run away'' from her because of her ''sex symbol'' status.

The star said: ''I wish more guys would throw themselves at me. Guys run away. People bought into the story that I'm a sex symbol but I'm not really. I'm really the girl with the baggy clothes and the bag of books. People are afraid of me.''

Sharon joked the only male attention she receives is from her three adopted sons - Roan, 15, Laird, 10, and nine-year-old Quinn.

She shared: ''They're at that age when they're starting to become little men. So they're starting to carry my bags to the car and open the door for me. And they're leaving notes on the steering wheel of my car like, 'Have a wonderful day at work'. They are so great and they make me feel beautiful, like I have a purpose.''