Sharon Stone was left ''in tears'' when she was told she may need to evacuate her home due to the Californian wildfires.

The 'Basic Instinct' star was devastated when the wildfires started down the road from her Beverly Hills home, and revealed she was being prepped to leave.

Speaking on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she said: ''I was just in tears yesterday. There was a fire on my street and we were preparing to evacuate and say goodbye to everything we put our lives into.

''I had Thermoses, water bottles ... a to-go bag. We had to be ready and make sure the cars had gas. If we had to go, we had to go ... It's raining ash even in the house, this is what we're breathing ... Our state is burning down!' We have to be happy in the face of disaster, it's all we have.''

Sharon has had a brush with death before, revealing that she had just a ''five per cent chance'' of living when she was struck by a brain haemorrhage in 2001.

She said: ''There was about a five per cent chance of me living. My whole life was wiped out. Others aren't that interested in a broken person. I was alone. I'm sure I seemed peculiar coming through this all these years, and I didn't want to tell everybody what was happening because, you know, this is not a forgiving environment. I'm so grateful to have this.''

Sharon even felt that she did die when she suffered the haemorrhage.

She said: ''I feel that I did die. This kind of giant vortex of light was upon me and - poof! I sort of took off into this glorious, white light. I started to see and be met by some of my friends ... people who were very, very dear to me [who had died]. I had a real journey with this that took me to places both here and beyond. But it was very fast - whoosh! Suddenly, I was back. I was back in my body.''