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24th November 2015

Quote: "I think once you're a mum, your whole selection process changes... I think what happens is you prioritise differently and you prioritise yourself differently, because you're responsible for these little lives and you want someone special." Hollywood actress and mother-of-three Sharon Stone explains her single status at 57. She was previously married to TV producer Michael Greenburg in the 1980s and divorced her second husband, publishing editor Phil Bronstein, in 2004.

4th November 2015

Quote: "I've been on some dates... but so many people that ask me out look like they might be serial killers, so you have to kinda watch it." Actress Sharon Stone doesn't always like the look of her potential suitors.

4th November 2015

Quote: "My oldest son, who is now 15, has seen a couple of my films. I showed him Total Recall and The Quick & the Dead when he got all As in drama at school... and then he went out to lunch with my sister and he told my sister, 'Y'know, mom's a bada**'." Sharon Stone rewarded her teenage son with a viewing party of two of her favourite films.

22nd October 2015

Quote: "I went to the shoot and I walked in and I looked at the craft service table and I ate a brownie and I walked into the dressing room and there were only shoes and it suddenly occurred to me, 'Oh my God, there's only shoes!' And I thought, 'You know what, it's too late to panic now'." Actress Sharon Stone on her stunning new naked spread in Harper's Bazaar magazine.

16th August 2015

Quote: "I'm aware that my a** looks like a bag of flapjacks. But I'm not trying to be the best-looking broad in the world. At a certain point you start asking yourself, 'What really is sexy?' It's not just the elevation of your boobs. It's being present and having fun and liking yourself enough to like the person that's with you. If I believed that sexy was trying to be who I was when I did Basic Instinct, then we'd all be having a hard day today." Sharon Stone is learning to love her body again after a stroke and brain haemorrhage in 2001.

18th June 2015

Quote: "Like every mom, there are just not enough hours in the day, especially when you're a working mom. I love the Alicia Keys song Superwoman; that's kind of my motto. I listen to that and it gets me going. I know we are all kind of doing the same thing." Single mother Sharon Stone has adopted the Alicia Keys song as her personal anthem.

30th July 2014

Quote: "I don't like what it does to me. I think it's not, for me, the cleanest approach. Every now and then... I go out and have and English Breakfast tea with cream and two sugars. That's my hardcore. That's when I really go wild." Sharon Stone isn't a fan of caffeine.

26th February 2014

Quote: "For me it's headphones in, gloves on, work out... I have 20 playlists or more that have everything from Corelli violin sonatas to Anthony Hamilton, Alicia Keys, The Supremes, Marilyn Manson, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland. I'm crazy about Nelly, and I love Jack White's new album." Sharon Stone on the music she likes to listen to at the gym.

26th February 2014

Quote: "I used to love wine, but I don't drink at all now. I think, at a certain point, it's better for women not to have any alcohol because it can make your face, breasts and mid-section get very bloated." Sharon Stone offers tips to women in their 50s.

1st December 2013

Quote: "It is Thanksgiving, and I am thankful to be here. In Morocco, a Muslim country with a true spirit of peace and compassion, at a festival which brings cultures together from around the world, which is so important at this political time. It is an esteemed honour to have this opportunity." Sharon Stone was grateful for a career tribute at the Marrakech International Film Festival in Morocco on Friday (30Nov13).

24th October 2013

Fact: Sharon Stone has handed the Nobel Peace Summit Award from the Dalai Lama in Warsaw, Poland on Wednesday (23Oct13) for her work in "fighting against the tragedy of Hiv/Aids". Previous honourees have included Sean Penn, Bono and George Clooney.

22nd October 2013

Fact: Singer Ke$Ha will headline the amfaR fundraiser at Mumbai's Taj Mahal Palace on 17 November (13). The event, which will raise money for the fight against Aids, will be hosted by Sharon Stone, Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan.

16th August 2013

Quote: "It's fun to play a character people don't even recognise me in. It was fun walking down the street and have (sic) my manager drive right by and be like, 'Where is she?'" Actress Sharon Stone enjoyed her dowdy look in Lovelace.

8th August 2013

Quote: "I look like the first pancake off the griddle - I've just got, like, freckles and spots everywhere." Actress Sharon Stone insists she doesn't tan well.

7th August 2013

Quote: "It's pretty much like when Joe Pesci threw me down the stairs in Casino; you just kinda get at the top of the stairs and suck it up... I said, 'You're just getting a little tap on the face, honey. Let's go!'" Sharon Stone jokes about her slapping scene with movie daughter Amanda Seyfried in Linda Lovelace biopic Lovelace.

6th August 2013

Quote: "I have never seen a pornographic film." Actress Sharon Stone was unfamiliar with the graphic nature of adult movies before signing up to portray Linda Lovelace's mother in the new biopic of the porn star-turned-feminist.

29th July 2013

Quote: "I think that many people try to make everything as difficult as they possibly can. You should try to take the philosophy of, 'What if it's just easy? If you give up all the resistance and go ahead and forgive, resolve your issues, open your heart, stay in your compassion, sleep when you are supposed to sleep, eat when you are supposed to eat, exercise when you are supposed to exercise, show up on time for your jobs, keep your agreements, and live in your truth, you will have a healthy life." Sharon Stone offers up tips on good living.

28th October 2011

Fact: Sharon Stone's family trip to a Beverly Hills eaterie with her sons Quinn, Laird and Roan on Thursday (27Oct11) ended on a sour note when the Hollywood star was given a parking ticket.

25th February 2011

Quote: "I hope not... I try to think I wouldn't hack up my face, it never comes back together." Sharon Stone plans to age gracefully without the help of cosmetic surgery.

25th February 2011

Quote: "I noticed that just this week (it) became the most paused moment in movie history, and I figured that this week was the week that you and your team were Googling me the most for the show. So I figured probably you or your team were responsible for this being the most paused... Was it you?" Sharon Stone makes light of a new survey placing her provocative leg-crossing scene in Basic Instinct as the most paused movie scene ever, by blaming CNN interviewer Piers Morgan for the record number.

24th August 2010

Quote: "He's very dear and important to me and I feel absolutely certain that he will beat this... I'm very much in his corner... think he really married the right woman and I think that when you have the best person standing beside you, there's more curative than love." Sharon Stone on her Basic Instinct co-star Michael Douglas' newly-announced cancer battle, and how his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones will help him beat the disease.

18th May 2010

Quote: "I really get pursued by men in their twenties, like, a lot. They probably know there's food in the fridge and that somebody's there to talk to them and ask them how their day was." Sharon Stone tries to make sense of the fact she attracts young men.

9th January 2010

Quote: "I think that's why Meryl Streep is working so much, because she looks like a woman we can all relate to. I look at her and I think, 'I'm chasing my kids, I've moved my parents in with me, I'm coping with food spills - that looks like me in real life'. Meryl looks like an unmade bed, and that's what I look like. To me, that looks true." Sharon Stone on MERYL STREEP.

17th November 2009

Quote: "My oldest son told me the other day I hadn't dated since the Dark Ages." Even Sharon Stone's nine-year-old son has noticed mum's love life is dismal.

13th October 2009

Quote: "It lines your body, mind, and spirit up in a way, particularly when you’re trying to get yourself in your creative work. It gets you in the right harmonious place." Sharon Stone finds gardening enhances her film performances.

6th August 2009

Fact: Sharon Stone has gone topless for the cover of French fashion bible Paris Match. The actress, 51, sports nothing but tight black corset pants and laced bondage heels for the racy shoot.

31st July 2009

Quote: "(She's) deranged. I'm not being rude about her. Madness is a prerequisite of being in showbusiness." British actor Rupert Everett is less than complimentary about Hollywood star Sharon Stone.

29th April 2009

Fact: The couple Sharon Stone married in 2004 after becoming a mail-order minister is filing for divorce. Restaurateur Michael Bourseau and stylist Brenda Swanson, who celebrated their union with actors Jack Nicholson and Robert Wagner serving as their witnesses, cited irreconcilable differences for their split.

3rd April 2009

Fact: Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Sharon Stone and Mariah Carey were among a host of Hollywood stars who flew into South Africa on Thursday (02Apr09) to celebrate the opening of the exclusive The One & Only resort in Cape Town. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey laid on a lavish feast for the A-List guests.

20th October 2008

Quote: "I never wanted to be married, but they (ex-husbands) were just hounding me, especially my last husband." Twice-wed Sharon Stone insists she's not the marrying kind and her brief union with Phil Bronstein was doomed from the start.

16th October 2008

Quote: "With three kids, you never pee alone." Sharon Stone struggles to find private time at home.

3rd October 2008

Quote: “You had Gene Hackman and Sharon Stone and these actors who had been in the business for 30 years. We had only done a couple of small movies, and we weren't part of that superstar club. So we forged a friendship and started our own club.” Actor Russell Crowe's friendship with Leonardo Dicaprio was cemented when they starred in 1995 film The Quick and the Dead.

30th July 2008

Quote: "That was fun. I felt like a real Californian." Sharon Stone was moved by Tuesday's (29Jul08) 5.4 earthquake in Los Angeles, which hit as she was dining at top restaurant Orso.

24th May 2008

Quote: "There's a lot of DNA there now. In case there's a murder you'll have the evidence." Sharon Stone after mopping her brow with Madonna's face blotter. The actress auctioned it off together with the contents of the pop star's handbag - and the designer bag itself - at the amFar Cinema Againast Aids benefit in Cannes, France on Thursday (22May08). The star-studded auction raised more than $10 million (GBP5 million) for Aids charities.

1st April 2008

Fact: Sharon Stone and Madonna are teaming up to host movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's annual Cinema Against AIDS gala at the Cannes Film Festival in May (08).

16th March 2008

Fact: Madonna, Sharon Stone, Annette Bening and Michelle Pfeiffer all turn 50 in 2008.

26th February 2008

Fact: Actress-turned-celebrity auctioneer Sharon Stone helped raise a record $5.1 million (GBP2.55 million) for Aids research at SIR Elton John's post-Oscars party on Sunday night (24Feb08). The Basic Instinct star put one of her own vintage cars, a 1970s Corvette, under the hammer at the party auction.

25th February 2008

Quote: "I'm a shameless auction pimp." Sharon Stone on her plans to make a fortune at the post-Oscars Elton John Aids Foundation auction.

28th December 2007

Fact: Sharon Stone sold her 1961 Lincoln Continental at a pre-Christmas (07) AmFAR Cinema Against AIDS auction in Dubai for $400,000 (GBP200,000).

16th October 2007

Fact: Hollywood superstar Sharon Stone presented revered Indian spiritualist MATA AMRITANANDAMAYI - also known as AMMA - with an award for her humanitarian efforts at the Cinema Verite Film Festival in Paris last week (beg08Oct07). The Basic Instinct star described the guru as a "remarkable angel" after she made a $23 million (GBP11.5 million) donation to survivors of the 2004 Asian tsunami.

11th October 2007

Fact: Sharon Stone has been named the new global fundraising chairwoman of AIDS charity AmFar. The actress has made a name for herself by hosting celebrity auctions for the organisation, and selling off items she's wearing.

5th June 2007

Fact: Sharon Stone's controversial knee-crossing scene in Basic Instinct has been voted Britain's "most paused moment" on television.

22nd April 2007

Quote: "She is one of the most dedicated people I know, but also highly unedited." Richard Gere is never surprised when pal Sharon Stone says something she shouldn't.

21st January 2007

Quote: "(Verhoeven) has, but probably won't sell, the scented pair of panties Sharon took off and handed him the morning he shot the beaver in Basic Instinct." In his new book THE DEVIL'S GUIDE TO HOLLYWOOD screenwriter Joe Eszterhas tells how director Paul Verhoeven has a memento from the infamous scene in which Sharon Stone revealed all in the 1992 thriller.

18th January 2007

Quote: "I was playing a part, honey, what's their excuse?" Sharon Stone doesn't approve of the celebrity trend for leaving underwear at home, even though she famously gave the world a glimpse of her genitals in Basic Instinct.

5th January 2007

Quote: "CHRISTIAN and I call each other our fake husband and fake wife." Sharon Stone on her reported romance with actor and BOBBY co-star Christian Slater.

30th November 2006

Quote: "She yelled at me to take it out and I said, 'What do you mean? You let me shoot it!' She didn't slap me as she says she did. She's a f**king liar!" Basic Instinct director Paul Verhoeven remembers star Sharon Stone's infamous flash.

14th November 2006

Quote: "I actually voted for Arnold. I'm a big Democrat, but I voted for Arnold." Sharon Stone put party loyalty aside to vote for her Total Recall co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bid to be re-elected as California's governor last week (07NOV06).

8th November 2006

Quote: "I wanted them to light me rough and make me really have that tough working-woman look. We talked about it up front and I'm like, 'Don't be kind.'" Sharon Stone liked the haggard look director Emilio Estevez gave her hairstylist character in new film BOBBY.

30th October 2006

Fact: Rocker Jon Bon Jovi has confessed to crushes on Elle Macpherson, Elizabeth Hurley, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone and ANGELINA JOLIE.

25th October 2006

Fact: Sharon Stone created the movie fan's ultimate auction prize at the Hollywood Film Awards on Monday night (23OCT06) when she herded up her BOBBY co-stars to sign the movie's poster The charity queen plans to auction off the one-of-a-kind item next month (NOV06)

15th September 2006

Quote: "I never ask for race, gender. I just see what happens and ended up with three fair-haired blue-eyed boys so I think that's what was meant to be." Sharon Stone on the fact her three adopted sons all look a little like her.

3rd August 2006

Fact: Sharon Stone is listing her five-bedroom Beverly Hills home - which she bought in April (06) for $11 million (GBP6 million) and never actually moved into - for $12.5 million (GBP7 million).

27th July 2006

Fact: Hollywood superstars including Meryl Streep, Sharon Stone, Nicolas Cage, Scarlett Johansson and director Oliver Stone will bring glamour to next month's (AUG06) Venice Film Festival in Italy. The stars will be attending the premieres of their new movies.

18th April 2006

Fact: Sharon Stone has just bought a lavish $11 million (GBP6.28 million) mansion from the guy who paid $22.5 million (GBP12.8 million) for Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's former Beverly Hills, California, home.

12th April 2006

Quote: "Nicole Kidman is extraordinary. Russell Crowe is very good as well, though I know he has some problems. I understand Sharon Stone has a new film out, which I'm anxious to see." Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev can't wait to check out Basic Instinct 2.

7th April 2006

Quote: "I'd settle for a one-eyed, one-legged guy with a job." Sharon Stone jokes about what kind of man she would settle for if she got desperate.

3rd April 2006

Quote: "Boys are noticing me much more with long hair." Actress Sharon Stone on her new, longer locks.

2nd April 2006

Fact: Basic Instinct 2 film-makers used a rocket launcher during the movies opening sequence to propel a car into the Thames during a high-speed car chase involving Sharon Stone.

31st March 2006

Quote: "I believe adoption is God's other birth canal, and I'm very supportive of it." Actress Sharon Stone is a big fan of adoption.

30th March 2006

Quote: "If one more thing happens to me, I'm going to be a country-western song." Actress Sharon Stone on the drama she's endured in the past couple of years, including a brain haemorrhage and a divorce.

29th March 2006

Quote: "Embalming fluid." Actress Sharon Stone jokes about how she looks so great at 48 years old.

28th March 2006

Quote: "Many people are talking to me about this because, clearly, it's a shocking revelation to the world that women in their forties are not dead and we're not decrepit and, when you see us naked, it's not a horror show." Sharon Stone defends her controversial nudity scene in new film Basic Instinct 2.

24th March 2006

Quote: "Philip Seymour Hoffman and Maggie Gyllenhaal are the sexiest actors onscreen today." Actress Sharon Stone would like to kiss both of them.

16th March 2006

Quote: "I'm so happy to be here because I love it so much. But I can't move here permanently because I'd kill myself in Harvey Nichols. I'd be broke in a week." Sharon Stone dismisses a move to London at the premiere of Basic Instinct 2: RISK ADDICTION last night (15MAR06).

23rd February 2006

Quote: <p>"What's Sharon like? The thing that springs to mind with her is the C-word. That's C for charisma, in case you're thinking of another word." Film-maker Michael Caton-Jones on directing Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2: RISK ADDICTION. </p>

17th February 2006

Fact: <p>Actress Sharon Stone has added author to her list of talents after penning SOMETHING TO HOLD, a book of spiritual musings and thoughts. </p>

28th November 2005

Quote: <p>"I had a little cry-fest over there (Britain) for a few days; it was overwhelming. I had to sit down on the floor and I first saw it." Sharon Stone admits she was choked up when she saw the video accompanying new Hurricane Katrina charity record COME TOGETHER NOW, which she co-wrote. </p>

13th October 2005

Quote: <p>"I think every woman turns to the French women for their beauty secrets." BASIC INSTINCT star Sharon Stone muses over why French ladies hold the secret to enduring youth. </p>

21st August 2005

Quote: <p>"Fame is an ugly burden if you don't use it to make the world better." Hollywood actress Sharon Stone wants to put her celebrity to good use. </p>

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