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Amanda Seyfried And Sharon Stone Made A Glamorous Duo At The Vegas Screening Of 'Lovelace'

'Les Miserables' actress Amanda Seyfried and 'Basic Instinct' star Sharon Stone pose together on the red carpet at the screening of pornstar biopic 'Lovelace' at...

Posted on 7th August 2013

Amanda Seyfried Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone And Peter Sarsgaard Among 'Lovelace' Stars At Movie Screening - Part 1

Several of the 'Lovelace' cast members were snapped by paparazzi arriving outside the Museum of Modern Art in New York for the screening of the...

Posted on 1st August 2013

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Sharon Stone Smiles For Cameras Before Jumping Into Her Bentley

'Basic Instinct' star Sharon Stone shuts the door of a friend's Range Rover before jumping into her roofless black Bentley parked in front after leaving...

Posted on 1st June 2012

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone Overwhelmed With Compliments From Photographers

Actress Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct; Total Recall; The Quick and the Dead) is seen going to a medical building in Los Angeles. Even though Sharon...

Posted on 1st November 2011

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone Gets A Parking Ticket

Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone (Casino; Total Recall; The Quick And The Dead) is seen out and about with her young sons in Beverly Hills....

Posted on 28th October 2011

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

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