British rocker Shaun Ryder is glad he waited until his forties to find true love - because his new wife would have "cut" his throat during his years as a rock wildman.
The Happy Mondays star became romantically involved with his childhood friend Joanne in 2005 and the pair wed in a surprise ceremony last year (10).
But Ryder is relieved he tamed his wild ways before settling down with Joanne, insisting he would have wrecked their relationship with his womanising and partying.
He tells Britain's The Guardian, "She wouldn't have even gone near me back in the day... I wouldn't have gone near me from when the Happy Mondays first started. A young kid getting into (drug) deals, sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. No.
"I'm actually glad Joanne didn't go anywhere near me because it would have ruined a relationship. She'd have probably cut me throat (sic) when I was asleep. Most definitely. I wouldn't be alive now. She would have cut me throat (sic) without a word of a lie... She would be serving time in prison."