Shaun Ryder insists he's too ''boring'' for a reality show.

The Happy Mondays frontman claims he's been approached multiple times to have cameras put in his home but he doesn't think the nation would find his antics particularly entertaining.

Asked what anyone spending lockdown with him would be surprised to learn, he said: ''Just how f**ing boring I am. It's like, we keep getting asked to do these things, 'At Home With the Ryders'.

''Do you really want to watch another version of 'Gogglebox'?

''I'm f**ing 60 almost, I'm not going out to nightclubs any more. My going out now is when I go to work.

''By the time I get back from that, all I want to do is put a f***ing movie on or something.''

The 57-year-old rocker - who has six children - admitted if he was younger he would spend the entire lockdown period ''off [his] face'' but he and wife Joanne are trying to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic and he knows the situation could be worse.

He told Q Magazine: ''If I was young and still highly impressionable, I'd just be off my f***ing face.

''But I'm old and healthy now, so stay healthy, do your exercise, obviously you've got to stay indoors but it's your mind more than anything.

''All you've gotta think about is someone who's sat in a six-foot by eight-foot and is only allowed out on Monday and Tuesday for an hour and the rest of the time is locked in a cell and that goes on for years. This is like an open prison, really.''

The 'Step On' hitmaker joked it hasn't been too difficult for him to isolate at home because he rarely socialises anyway.

He said: ''It's good.

''You don't have to stick my arm too far up my back to have me sit down on the couch and watch movie after f***ing movie after box set.

''I started self-isolating a good 10 years ago.

''Basically, really, I was f***ing done with people.''