British rocker Shaun Ryder has been shown secret film footage of alien life forms visiting Earth by military bosses in Chile.

The Happy Mondays frontman travelled to South America to shoot a documentary on extraterrestrial sightings, one of his favourite subjects.

He was given unique access to files and secret film footage, and one clip - which shows unknown beings descending from the sky - has left him convinced the truth is out there.

Ryder, who believes he saw a Ufo hovering above his native Manchester, England when he was a teenager, tells NME magazine, "My recent investigations led me to Chile, which was great because Chile don't (sic) keep any of this s**t secret... The Chilean military are so f**king inviting to you - 'Come in, we'll show you all our files and our secret films, have a cup of coffee'.

"I've seen one film that looks like f**king Starship Troopers coming out of the sky on pogo sticks, right? And they're going towards the ground coming out of the sky, and when they've spotted people taking film of them, they disappear back up in the sky. That's authenticated film.

"So I'm a believer. You'd be pretty stupid if you thought we was (sic) all alone in the universe... I have no idea what I'd do if I actually made contact. I probably wouldn't like to talk to an alien. I'd probably die of a f**king heart attack."