Shaun Ryder thinks his medication has reignited his libido.

The 58-year-old star believes he's currently taking more drugs than ever and according to his wife Joanne Ryder, it's helping to improve their love life.

Shaun shared: "I’m probably on more drugs today than in the Happy Mondays heyday.

"I’m on thyroxine, which is for my under-active thyroid. I’m on blood pressure pills. I’m on testosterone replacement.

"The thyroid affects everything - allergies and all sorts. I mean, if I don’t take these pills for the allergies, I can’t breathe. It’d be like an ­anaphylactic shock. Me throat goes tight and everything. I’m riddled with arthritis, too.

"But my wife is well satisfied with the testosterone treatment as all that went at the end of me 40s, so I’ve been on it for about 12 years now.

"So, yeah, it was like being 21, but without all the headaches of what goes with being 21."

Despite this, Shaun insisted he's happier now than he was during his Happy Mondays pomp.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre TV column: "You could say it’s a case of pills and bellyaches with not so much of the thrills any more.

"But I’ve got the thrill of life. I know it sounds a bit monkey hippyish, but I just do get a buzz off having a good life with people round me.

"I don’t miss the drugs because I missed my children growing up. I mean, when I first had children, I was out - I never saw them. I was going around the world making a career, I was out and didn’t see them grow up."